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Начните день с бирюзового моря и тихой зеленой природы Чудо!


Обновите тело и дух, воспользовавшись услугами профессиональных мастеров салона SPA. Каждая комната имеет неотразимый декор, здесь предусмотрены специальные, старательно подготовленные зоны отдыха с экзотическими ароматами – словом, здесь есть все, чтобы на протяжении отдыха вы чувствовали себя в полном покое и умиротворении, наслаждаясь приятными моментами.


Peeling considered as the initial phase of Turkish Hamam tradition. Is applied to make the body become more purified and cleansed after an intense perspiration. Peeling helps to throw all detrimental agents out of the skin. Clearthe clogged pore and remove the roughness. Foam massage is an application which is implemented after peeling. During this massage the whole body is covered with natural and fragrant soap bubbles.


This method which is applied with pure aromatic oils Has been used since the era of ancient Chinese Egyptian and Indian civilizations. These oils are obtained from special parts of herbs like root resin leaf bloom and have curative effects on both mental and physical systems. These volatile oils obtained from miscellaneous kinds of herbs bear a very positive impact on human body. Tranquillizing enlivening painkiller toxin elimination cellular renewal activator muscle relaxant appeasement functions for insomniacs are the words which can be associated with the definite effects of the mentioned oils.


This is a method where the whole stress charged on the body is eliminated by a massage applied underneath the feet. It abates the exhaustion through dealing with the reflex points located underneath the feet where each of them corresponds to an internal organ. It regulates the blood pressure and diminishes the energy loss. Foot massage helps to prevent gastral intestinal cardiac and neural problems.


It also known as one of the connective tissue massages. It is a method and a special kind of Swedish massage primarily ascribed to dancers and others who are interested in fitness. The primary difference distinguishing a sport massage from a classical one is the hythm time it takes the densty of the compres-ion strokes which are more slightly applied during the latter.


This kind of massage is the well-known method to get relaxed and relieved. It is an effective technique to dipsel daily frazzle and stress and makes the person start the day with a good.


This unique sort of a method is conducted through applying heated sedimentaryvolcanic stones. They raise the number of heart beats per minute and respiration; enhance the elasticity of body tissues accelerate metabolisim and arouse the oxygen transfer to the body cells.


This special sort of a body massage; which has brought the vast knowledge of the centuries to the contemporary years and arised with the support of the healing methods of the neighbouring civilizations; is also called as the passive yoga. Thai massage is based both on spiritual and physical fundamentals like spiritual tranquility composure peace awareness purification and rejuvenation for the former relaxation strengthening and recreation for the latter. The concept has an emotional basis too connecting to psychological values such as love eagerness andcourtesy. The person applying Thai Massage to the patient experiences the unique feelings of being unified intimate sharing and giving without expecting anything. It is a whole-body massage and no oil is used during the implementation. After the patient wears the traditional attire special for Thailand the initial applications aim at relaxing the body through stretching and pressing movements. Due to these stretching movements it can also be called as lazy yoga. Thai Massage which is an amazing and colourful combination of acu-pressure Shiatsu and yoga principles harmonizes stretching compression point pressure and soft oscillation activities at the same time. It is also known as active meditation which nurtures our heart energy lines and physical presence.


This sort of massage is originated from Hawai which is based on the principle of purifying the soul and mind from all external factors in orderto relieve patients who stand on the edge of an important decision. It is a rhythmic and fluent sortof massage which is usually applied through using arms and elbows.


The vigorous pressing activities soft bumps and necessary pandiculation movements have the ability to affect the interior parts under the surface muscles which are usually inaccessible in normal circumstances. This sort of a massage contributes to the integration of all internal systems and stabilization of all energy points of the human body. Through the support of the special and natural oil assortment the muscles are relieved and the energy level increases simultaneously. An incredible feeling of being relaxed covers the whole body and mind after the massage is completed.


This is perhaps the most widely used technique among the other massage sorts which is also known as the classical massage. Swedish massage consists of five basic techniques. Each one of those techniques is applied onto the upper muscles and mostly in the direction of the bloodstream from the body cells to the heart. The therapist kneads the body with etherolic oils through lingering and sliding pats. As a result the muscles will be relieved. The massage is completed with the same pat motions.


It is a manual intervention by physiotherapist in the case of a recrudescence of some physical ilinesses on human body. During this process; the nervous system articulation malfunctions muscle spasms disc problems are locally handled and a proper treatment is applied accordingly. Manual therapy should be considered as a long-term treatment.


Lymph drainage implemented by hand is used to cure edema before and after the surgery and to gel rid off the lines resulting from pregnancy.


The main reason of the cellulite is the circulatory malfunction. Hematic and lymphatic deficiencies and extension of the fat tissue result in intense accumulation of toxic agents in the body. Cellulite massage arouses the lymph and blood stream and fills up the tissues with fresh oxygen.


In Japanese language shi means finger and atsu means to touch. The exact meaning of the word points to a treatment applied through touching with fingers. Shiatsu as a curative method can be used to keep the optimal circumstances of the body more steady and cure some of the illnesses. It is based on a basic principle which requires finger pressure onto the specific points of human body.


Care for oil skin and for normal to combination skin. Calming and repairing care for sensitive skin. Care and moisture for all skin types repairing and refreshing care to slow down the aging process . tightening and repairing care.


A softener and deep cleansing body care. Slimming and anti-cellulite effect. Cellular renewal through volcanic stones . tightening and repairing body care. Repairing and relaxing silk massage.

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