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We, as MON INSAAT VE TICARET LTD.STI. (Miracle Resort Hotel), are highly sensitive about, and attach great importance to, protection of your personal data.
Accordingly, we process any and all kinds of personal data, which are owned by any and all persons associated with Miracle Resort Hotel, in accordance with the Law Nr. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data (LPPD).
Miracle Resort Hotel processes your personal data in the capacity of "Data Controller", as defined under the LPPD, meticulously and carefully, for the purposes and through the methods, as described below, by complying with the disposal requirements and periods and in accordance with the limits determined under the regulations.

1 - Personal Data Processed By Us

  • Identity Information (Name, surname, date of birth, nationality, place of birth, gender, marital status, Passport number, Driver's license information, TR ID card information (Republic of Turley ID Number, serial number, card number, father's name, mother's name, place of birth, date of birth, marital status, province, district, quarter-village, volume number, family line number, line number, place of issue, reason for issue, registration number, date of issue, previous surname), profession/professional chamber ID cards that are accepted instead of the identity card in the event that it is submitted by the guest,
  • Contact Information (Address, e-mail address, telephone number, registered e-mail address, etc.),
  • Financial Information,
  • Guest comment, feedback and complaint data: Special preferences with respect to the accommodation area, considerations, opinions or complaints about the facility, comments and responses provided for the purpose of assessment of the services,
  • Health Information: Reasonable health data, Food allergy, Disease monitoring history information, Disease symptoms information, Disease Monitoring rates information,
  • Information on the reservation, hotel accommodation history, room number, travel and transfer information, information about the vehicles used to arrive the facility,
  • Your voice call records kept when you have contacted our Call Center;
  • Your video and audio recording kept through the camera system during your visits to Miracle Resort Hotel,
  • Your navigation information, IP address, browser information, surveys submitted by you upon your own consent, your form information and location data, as obtained during use of our website “” and “Miracle Hotel” application,
  • License plate, agency/company information
  • Any personal data obtained in case of establishment of communication by e-mail, letters and other means.

2 - Purpose of Processing the Personal Data

Your personal data collected may be processed for the purposes of enabling our business units to carry out the necessary works and the relevant business processes in order to ensure that you will benefit from the products and services provided by Miracle Resort Hotel and for the following purposes ("Purposes") and within the personal data processing requirements as specified under Sections 5 and 6 of the Law:

  • Confirming your identity;
  • Guest/customer relationship management;
  • Planning the internal and administrative operations of Miracle Resort Hotel;
  • Determining, planning and implementing the short-, medium- and long-term commercial policies of Miracle Resort Hotel;
  • Providing any information, arising under the regulations, to the competent authorities.
  • Enabling Miracle Resort Hotel to measure, increase and research the guest satisfaction;
  • Creating and monitoring the records of the visitors;
  • Fulfilling the legal and regulatory requirements;
  • Carrying out the accounting and finance processes, and sending the financial information or invoice to the e-mail address specified by you during the check-in;
  • Receiving and assessing the requests and complaints;
  • Performing the risk management and quality development activities by the Quality, Guest Experience, Information Systems departments;
  • Planning and performing the guest relations management processes;
  • Monitoring and carrying out the legal affairs;
  • Fulfilling the requests of the public institutions;
  • Carrying out the information security processes; and
  • Performing the audit and ethical activities.

Your Personal Data obtained and processed for the purposes, as specified above, in accordance with the relevant regulations are transferred to the physical archives and/or information systems, owned by Miracle Resort Hotel, and they may be kept both digitally and physically.

3 - Transfer of Your Personal Data

In accordance with the provisions prescribed under the Law Nr. 6699 on Protection of Personal Data and the other regulations and for the following purposes, your personal data may be disclosed to:

  • Turkish National Police and other law enforcement officers;
  • Judicial authorities;
  • Your legal representatives authorized by you;
  • The service providers and consultancy offices/companies (personal data collectors through the devices, the database and server service providers, the site application usage monitoring service providers, the e-mail server service providers, the e-invoice and e-archive invoice service providers, the electronic message tool service providers, the banks and the electronic payment institutions);
  • Attorneys-at-law, with whom we work; and third parties, including the tax consultants and auditors, from whom we receive consultancy;
  • Regulatory and supervisory authorities and official authorities;
  • Our suppliers, from whom we procure services, or with whom we cooperate,
  • Our support service providers, our archive service providers and our business partners.

4 - Method for Collection of Your Personal Data, and Legal Reasons Thereto

Your personal data may be collected and processed by Miracle Resort Hotel verbally, in writing or electronically by means of the relevant units, communication forms, telephone conversations, electronic applications, software, various agreements, e-mail, social media, physical environment of Miracle resort Hotel and by similar means, based on the nature of the service provided, by using the automatic or non-automatic methods, for the purpose of providing the services within the high-level standards, in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, and the International Conventions to which our country is a party, and the applicable regulations, particularly including the Law Nr. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data.
In addition, we process your personal data based on the legal reasons for "data processing required to establish and perform the agreement", and "fulfillment of the legal obligation", and "data processing required for the legitimate interests of the data controller", and the legal reason for "fulfillment of the legal obligation" with respect to our storage obligations arising from the regulations, and the legal reasons for "data processing required for the legitimate interests of the data controller" and "data processing and transfer required to establish, exercise or protect the rights" with respect to performance of recording by means of the security cameras within the hotel as well as based on your explicit consent in order to provide you with better services and to protect your health, and based on your statement with respect to the health data for your food allergies. We process any private data only for the purpose, for which they have been collected, upon the consent of the persons, in order to provide better services at Miracle Resort Hotel. Such personal data may be disclosed to the public authorities and health institutions, if and when required. You may terminate your personal data processing activities based on the explicit consent, by withdrawing your explicit consent at any time and without providing any reason thereto.

5 - Scope of, and Amendment to, the Policy for Protecting and Processing of Personal Data

This Information Text has been drawn up by Miracle Resort Hotel in accordance with the Law Nr. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data. MON INSAAT VE TICARET LTD.STI. shall be entitled to amend the Information Text on Protection of Personal Data in accordance with the Law and the resolutions adopted by the board of directors, provided that the personal data shall be better protected.

6 - Your Rights to Protect Your Personal Data

MIn respect of your personal data processed by Miracle Resort Hotel, you may always apply to us with respect to your rights, as provided under Section 11 of the Law. Pursuant to this article, you are entitled to:

  • "Inquire whether their personal data has been processed, or not"; and
  • "Ask for information about their personal data, if it has been processed"; and
  • "Find out the purpose of processing of the personal data and whether any such data has been used for the intended purpose, or not"; and
  • "Be informed about the 3rd parties to which any such data has been transmitted either domestically or internationally"; and
  • "Ask for correction thereof in case any personal data has been processed incompletely or inaccurately"; and
  • “Ask for deletion or disposal of the personal data in the event that the reasons requiring the personal data to be processed have disappeared, or that the Guesthouse does not have any legal basis or legitimate interest in order to process such data”; and
  • “Raise an objection against any adverse results that might arise from processing of the personal data through the automatic systems”; and
  • "Claim for compensation of any and all damage and/or loss that might have been incurred in case any such personal data has been processed in breach of the law"; and

Application Method

You can submit your requests under the law by completing the "Application Form as per the Law on Protection of Personal Data" available on the web address ""

  • Personally to the address "Guzeloba, Yasar Sobutay Bulvari No:34, 07230 Miracle Resort Hole Muratpasa/Antalya";
  • Through the agency of a notary public;
  • To through your e-mail address registered or your e-mail address registered in our system by means of a secure electronic or mobile signature.

Your applications shall be concluded as soon as possible and in any case within a maximum period of thirty days, depending on the nature of your inquiry; however, if such inquiry requires an extra cost, then a fee may be collected from you as based on the tariff determined by the Personal Data Protection Board.

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