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Start the day with turquoise sea and in peaceful green nature of Miracle!

We, as the Miracle Resort Hotel, take responsible steps in order to mm1m1ze harmful impact on the environment, improve tourism industry in the area, develop a better waste management and encourage wise use of natural resources. We take care of the employees' health and security, increase awareness on the child protection issues and equal recognition issues. We integrate environmental practices and sustainability principles into our core business strategy and within the communities of our work field thereby we contribute to the sustainability of tourism industry.

We believe the efficient use of natural resources and effective management of these resources in order to keep sustainability of the tourism industry is very important. We embrace our responsibility for environmental stewardship within the hospitality sector of the Mediterranean region.

Our goal is, following all environmental laws and regulations, to serve our community, deliver high quality services, induce economic growth and environmental protection, be community integrated, and certainly be beneficial with the employment. Identifying our environment related aims and objectives, we endeavor to improve environmental performances and minimize environmental impact influenced by our actions. We create environmental awareness among everyone we are related to - our employees, our guests, our suppliers and general community.

Ahmet R. İLLEZ
General Manager

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